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Da Stick

Da Stick is a puzzle/platformer about running and danger. There's also lots of coins! Who doesn't love coins? Pick a vendor below to order. There's a free demo too if you'd like to try before you buy. Check it out!

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Da Stick

Bubble Ghost

Bubble Ghost is Dustout's first adventure into browser games. You're a ghost, right? So you fly around and avoid scary bubbles. Collect those little yellow dots and you'll do just fine. What are those yellow dots? I dunno, man. I'm just a bubble ghost. It's fun. Go play it!


Go Play it!



Divernaut is Dustout's entry in the Ludum Dare #29 rapid game development competition (48 hour). Divernaut is about exploring, and underwater caves, and dangerous sea creatures, and seaweed, and air bubbles, and explosions! Also spaceships. Don't worry. It'll all make sense soon.